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Adult Taekwondo Program:
Adults can also benefit greatly from regular training at Island Martial Arts. Some of these benefits include improved physical fitness, increased self discipline, self confidence, self defense and improved coordination. These are skills and techniques that all people, no matter would age could benefit from.

Island Martial Arts Center Programs for Adults lead to improved physical fitness levels. As you learn more techniques, you will:
  • Become more muscular, more flexible and gain better balance.

  • With enough practice, you will lose weight and start seeing excellent muscle definition.

  • By improving your fitness level, you will be healthier overall and make increase the risk of certain diseases.

Self discipline is a wonderful skill to learn. Practicing and training in martial arts will improve your focus and teach you how to set goals and achieve them, a skill that will be useful throughout life. It strengthens your mental abilities and will improve many aspects of life.

Self defense is a big part of the martial arts. However, self discipline plays into this as well. You should know how to defend yourself physically; however you should also know when not to get into a fight.

Coordination is key to martial arts. Many of the training program movements are made up of multiple movements. Being able to put these movements together, say blocking with one arm and kicking with the other, is imperative to mastering the art.

This will help you in any other sports that you may play, and does make daily tasks easier and more efficient.

Being an Island Martial Arts student will all provide astounding benefits for the rest of your life. They are an enjoyable way to make improvements to almost every aspect of your life.