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Judo Program:

The most commonly asked questions is obvious. "What is Judo?"
If you are an individual who has experience in martial arts, like Judo, or other contact sports I would lean toward giving you the boring historical details which includes the following facts.

1. Judo is a martial arts. Oops I've already said that.
2. An Olympic Sport
3. A Canada Winter Game
4. Japans national sport.
5.The second most widely practiced sport in the world.
6.A form of physical education derived from Jui Jitsu.

I could relate the Heirarcy of Judo techniques as follows:

Nage Waza­Throwing Techniques
Katame Waza­ Grappling Tecniques
Atemi Waza­ Stricking Techniques

Now if you are sufficiently confused let me tell you breifly what its really all about.
JUDO : The gentle way or yeilding method

You give to get . Minimal effort/ Maximum Efficiency
The skill of using your advisary's strength to acheive your technique.

The intention in the study of Judo is to acheive harmony of mind and body and enhance both your physical and mental well being.
Guess what else. You can start at ANY AGE and Practice or Play until "death do us part." You don't have to believe me but as I look around at my many friends and fellow Judoka, whom I've been playing with for near thirty years, I am convieniced and convicted that Judo is for Life.

Try it! You'll Love It!