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Junior Taekwondo Program:

Martial arts training has been shown to build self-control and discipline as well as create a respect for authority figures and improve children's overall self-image and health.

If a child has an attention deficit issue or is struggling in school, IMAC martial arts program can be a very positive way for the child to expend excess energy and improve concentration.

If the child or teen is already succeeding academically and socially, IMAC martial arts program can provide a great outlet to build confidence through achievement and empowerment.

Enhance Concentration, Self-control, and Discipline
The Island Martial Arts program for Jr. Children values the traits of concentration, self-control and discipline. Intense concentration is often required to ensure safety and to learn the steps of a new technique. This can be especially challenging for children who have ADD or ADHD. Giving the child or teen an activity to focus on with predictable, repeatable steps where he/she can be successful is key to building increased concentration. Additionally, once the child or teen understands that, the course is regimented in order to promote safety and respect. The child will also learn to better control his/her speech and actions so as not to speak out at inappropriate times or disrupt the other students in the class.

Increase Motivation and Academic Success
Because Island Martial Arts Center is intended to build character, effort and achievements are often rewarded. Many programs require students to submit grade reports from their schools and reward students who are performing well academically. This can motivate some students to work harder in school. And, for those who are already successful, it provides well-deserved recognition of their achievement.