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Weapons Training

Bring your martial arts training to the next level. There are many benefits and opportunities at IMAC in martial arts training. One of those benefits comes from learning to use various martial arts weapons. Martial arts weapons are divided into short and long range weapons.

At Island Martial Arts Center our weapons training comprises of: short range weapon, the Nun-chuk (short sticks) and long range weapon, the bo staff because of its longer reach.

Weapons are also divided into bladed categories. At IMAC we offer training in traditioinal sword. In our training situations with bladed weapons, the blade is not live. That is, the swords and blades are wooden and blunt rather than sharpe. This adds to the safety aspect.

IMAC weapons training is under the experienced and catious direction of our experienced instructors.

Weapons training can open up a whole new dimension to your overall martial arts training. Some martial arts practioners use weapons in their forms where the actual weapons techniques will be used in forms.

For many martial arts competitors, weapons forms are their favorite divisions in which to compete. From a spectator point of view, weapons forms can be very exciting to watch. Their presentations are so dyamic and appear dangerous to the user that the spectator is captivated.

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